Hervé 'Bang The Drum' by Lewis Rose

Hervé 'Bang The Drum' by Lewis Rose

Okay, so Lewis Rose certainly isn't about mixing metaphors in this almost-NSFW red-light video for Hervé.

Taking place in what appears to be the back room of a seedy BDSM club, we're treated here to a hyper-sexual ritual featuring a cast of characters with a penchant for whips, chains, PVC suits and above all: drums.

Suggestive framing, a wash of red light, and drums of all shapes and sizes take us through the various climaxes that the song has to offer. And Lewis Rose executes the idea with enough of a tongue-in-cheek element to stop you from feeling too filthy for watching it.


Lewis Rose
Shabana Mansuri
Production Company
Good Egg
1st AD
Afzal Robbani
Director of Photography
Emma Dalesman
Focus Puller
Karl Hui
2nd AC
Taylor McClay
Laurentiu Maria
Greg Probert
Hugh Donnelly
Max Revjavic
Art Director
David Hamilton
Costume Supervisor
Charly Suggett
Ellie Blackwell
Make-up Assistant
Megan Hurrell
Sam Wooddow

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