Son Lux 'Cage of Bones' by Jean-Paul Frenay

Son Lux 'Cage of Bones' by Jean-Paul Frenay

Jean-Paul Frenay's Son Lux video is a haunting indictment of over-consumption of modern life. With vignetted scenes gliding from uber-dark to pitch-black we get windows into a dystopian sci-fi world that's so close to our own it's chilling. 

Each scene - be it a couple of scientists syphoning sweat from an overweight woman, or a complacent couple being fed a meal by their robot friend, happily staring into the uncanny valley - is composed beautifully, like an art installation. It all feels incredibly meticulous - there doesn't appear to be a single extraneous element here. It all adds to the cold, harsh and efficient atmosphere that Frenay is trying to put across.


Jean-Paul Frenay
Production Company
Bang Bang Club
Executive Producer
Geoffroy Rouffiange
Director of Photography
François Starr
Jean-Paul Frenay
Prodigious CGI
Aurélie Elich
Gustaaf Smans, Denis Carpentier, Christel Pedrinelli, Thomas Demarez, Walter Zimmermann, Leslie Attar, Samuel Seynave, Olivier Francart, Florence Gilles, Mathias Ambrozy, Helena Coppejans
Phantom Operator
Léo Lefèvre
First Camera Assistant
Juan Sepulcre
First Assistant Camera
Ryszard Ka
Second Camera Assistant
Guillaume Cry
Camera Assistant
Virgil Leclerq
Production Manager
Luc Dechamps
Production Assistant
Charly Calicis, Mariola Heslop, Jonas Bukowsky
First Assistant Director
David Oeyen
Art Director
Jean-Paul Frenay
Set Builders
Stéphane De Broyer, Béatrice Arteaga, Maxime Houpe, Abdes,
Tom Darmstaedter
Casting Director
Charly Calicis
Abdel Mouhssin
George Bulterys, Marco Vieira, Denis Liégeois, Edouard Chandelle
Key Grip
Xavier Servais, Brendan Senden
Key Grip
Julien Chassaignon
Richard Desmarlières
Grip Assistant
Charles Jacquier, Quentin Govaerts, Edouard Chandelle
Jean-Paul Frenay
CGI Producer
Laurent Sequaris
Producer assistant
Alexandre Rubin
VFX Producer
Matthieu Royer, Noucha Shahbazi
VFX Producer Assistant
Audrey Lagnous
Post Production Manager
Kwet Dupic
Technical Director
Laurent Martin
Kadeg Boucher
Concept Artist
David Brochard
Motion Designer
Bright Photon, Jean-Paul Frenay
Tim Mendler
Gwenhael Glon
Jean-Claude Charles, Fabrice Lacroix
Franck Julia, Jérémie Abrial,
Lead Compositor
Jérôme Lionard
Fabrice Lacroix, Jérémie Abrial, François Vico, Laetitia Nicolas,
Franck Julia

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