Oscar 'Good Things' by Bryan Schlam

Oscar 'Good Things' by Bryan Schlam

After their Wes Anderson-tinged video for the ultra catchy Sometimes, Bryan Schlam and Oscar have teamed up again for Good Things. 

A saturated, colourful video presented in an aspect ratio reminiscent of medium format photography, we're presented with a series of surrealist vignettes (or as the title card suggests: "A Disastrous Collection Of Fizzles and Flops".

Aesthetically speaking, Bryan Schlam and Oscar are a pairing creating a great visual identity, managing to combine pop culture references with their own contemporary style to create a series of videos that have a collective identity, whilst still standing up on the strength of their ideas - much like the pairing of Ace Norton and Darwin Deez about six or seven years ago.


Bryan Schlam
Izzy Cohan
Production Company
BLVD Industries
Executive Producer
Jason Valen
Director of Photography
Ben Carey
Art Director
Gilli Glatt
Art Director
Hair & Make-up
Jessie Eden
Bryan Schlam
Jaime O’bradovich
John Criston, Garrett Alloway
Wichita Recordings
Director's Rep (UK)
Las Bandas Be Brave
Production Assistant
Allison Rodgers
Art PA
Debbie Kunst
Art PA
Stephanie Shulman
Alexander Prokos
Luis Alarcon

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