Florence + The Machine 'Third Eye' by Vincent Haycock

Florence + The Machine 'Third Eye' by Vincent Haycock
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Florence has come out the other side of the wreckage. For the final chapter of The Odyssey, the film project created to accompany her album How Big How Blue How Beautiful - and also now available to view in full - Florence and Vincent Haycock have come up with a forward-looking finale.

The chapter to accompany Third Eye begins on an image of Florence being carried away from fiery rubble, and this revisits many of the themes from the previous chapters one last time. But Florence is now untethered to the demons that had followed her up till now. 

The video is just a great closing statement - life-affirming and filled with cheer. It takes place at nighttime on the street in front of a dazzling concert hall, where we follow Florence down into the depths of the basement. There, she gets swarmed by dancers once again, in a scene that is highly reminiscent of What Kind Of Man and Delilah. But quickly the tone quickly turns lively and reverent, and then poignant when Florence is led by a musician back onto the stage.


Vincent Haycock
Production Company
Park Pictures
Executive Producer
Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Executive Producer
Alex Fisch
Head Of Production
Anne Bobroff
Artist management
Luv Management
Executive Producer
Bob Brimson
Line Producer
Courtney Davies
Director of Photography
Steve Annis
2nd Unit DoP
Peter Keith
Ari Robbins
1st AD
George Nessis
2nd AD
Matt Milan
Production Supervisor
Jeremy Hartman
1st AC
Robby Heart
2nd AC
Joseph Canon
Chess Pettengill
Drew Valenti
Key Grip
Chris Bauer
Production designer
Jay Hougaard
Art Coordinator
Nicolas Kelley
Kevianno Guerrero
Bailey Bute
Holly Blakey
Paul Yacono
Costume designer
Natasha Newman Thomas
Vincent Haycock
Director's Representation
Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UKAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK website
Hannah Giannoulis, Mairead Nash
Asst Prod Supervisor
Conor Bailey
Harrison Boatwright
Set Dressers
Carlos Fagundo and Caitlin Gutenberger
Nick Plantico, Erich Hicks, Kevin Watson
Matt Hillyer
Sound / Playback
Chris Lennon
­ Emma Holley
Franchesca Bass, Calvin Clausell, Cristian Farias, Richie Stephens, Chris Lewis, Dre Young, Darnell White, Deandre Jackson, Tyler Bivens, Jay P Brown, Emily Duncan, Gonzalo Bouza, Erik Dugan, Danny Dolan, Jesse Johnson, Xavier Truesdell, Alex Favella
Vincent Haycock
Sound Mix
Tom Paolantonio
Dailies colorist
Brian Kahovec
VFX Studio
2D VFX Artists
Andres Barrios, Andy Mckenna, Michael Vagilenty, Michael Plescia
Flame Assist
Chris Riley
Roto Artist
Tiffany German
Post Producer
Kelly Noecker

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