KEØMA 'Protected' by Aviv Kosloff

KEØMA 'Protected' by Aviv Kosloff
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KEØMA's Protected explores the nature of passion, love and intimacy in Berlin, following young Berliners as they meet, drink, dance and have sex, and start all over again - but with other people.

Shot in Berlin’s legendary Bassy Club, we're introduced to redhead Anna as she meets Brad, a handsome and charismatic man she is immediately attracted to. But after hooking up, the doubts start creeping in. Later, when they see each other at the bar again, she decides not to take any chances... better to find someone else before she gets hurt.

Based on Kosloff's observations of the city and the generation of young people living in it, he explained how the dramatic crux of the video is all about fear: "the fear of staying alone in the end of the party, being afraid to sleep by yourself, the fear that the person you just had sex with will vanish the next morning, fear of intimacy."

From the director


"Is it possible to find love in Berlin? Or just lust? In the seven years I’m living in Berlin I asked myself this question may times. Famous for being “poor but sexy”, Berlin treats sex differently. Fueled by cheap drinks, plenty of drugs, and great places to consume them, the locals are always happy to flirt and fuck. This is the place to break the boundaries of standard gender and relationship definitions."

"But can Berliners stop playing? Can people actually meet and become intimate in between all the partying, sex and fun? For me the answer was yes. But for many of my friends the answer is still no. Inspired by my own story of meeting the smart and sexy Leonora, then drifting away but eventually coming together again, I directed the music video for KEØMA’s Protected."


Aviv KosloffAviv Kosloff website
1st AD
Na'ama Chason
Director of Photography
Florian Mag
Focus Puller
Christoph Kunze
Petra Fassbender
Francesca Maffi
Daphna Keenan
Embassy Of Music

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