Fire To The Stars 'Made Of Fire' by Matthew Chuang

Fire To The Stars 'Made Of Fire' by Matthew Chuang
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Cinematographer-turned-director Matthew Chuang has captured a series of arresting vignettes for Fire To The Stars' first single Made Of Fire, from their upcoming record of the same name. 

Throughout the video, we're introduced to an endless array of characters - inhabiting different rooms in a dimly-lit, old-fashioned suburban manor - who find themselves in a moment of realisation. The scenes are startlingly intimate and poignant in tone - with a nagging, unsettling undercurrent to them, resulting in a remarkably melancholic video. 


Matthew ChuangMatthew Chuang website
Production Company
The Directors Group
Executive Producer
Craig Griffin
Director of Photography
Matthew Chuang
Focus Puller
Meg Perrott
Jesse Moyes
Art Director
Hugh Marchant
Elizabeth Taylor
Rocky Amaranto
Martin Greer
Director's Representation
The Directors Group, Artistry
Francesca Waters, Lucy Moir, Victoria Thaine, Laura Vudè, Terry Yeboah, Heddie Goldberg, Georgia Delaney Martin, Roshelle Fong

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