Breakbot 'My Toy' by AB/CD/CD

Breakbot 'My Toy' by AB/CD/CD
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Directing team AB/CD/CD have created a superbly entertaining video for French producer Breakbot's My Toy – featuring British DJ & vocalist Yasmin – which gives the classic Hollywood musical production number a sexy, Gallic-flavoured modern twist. 

The toy in question is a boy robot without a face, brought to life by a bevy of girl designers and engineers - and whisked off in an animatronic seat - shaped like a female breast. Thus the sexy retro-futurist tone is set for the rest of the video, with our awestruck robot protagonist observing a parade of attractive women as they perform an elaborate choreography including seductive cat costumes as well as aerobics and cheerleading routines.

The engineers back at the lab eventually decide upon a face which reflects his state of overwhelmed excitement. But having been primed for love with one partner, will true love prevail? Our will our boy robot be a little too human? 


Khalid Tahar
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Executive Producer
Stan Bertin
1st AD
Vincent Champagnac
Director of Photography
Martial Schmeltz
Quentin Ameziane
Xènia Gasull
Gopal Puntos
Vincent Amor
Post production company
Digital District
Post Producer
François Schmidt
Ed Banger / Because Music
Set Designers
Audrey Malecot & Pierre Pell
Cathy Ematchoua
Tom Migne
Dance Leader
Aurélie Giboire
Magali Lange, Mélanie Gracia, Lauranne Le Porchou, Estelle Manas, Leslie Louis-Jean, Fiona Deshayes
Pages Jaunes
Sid Lee

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