Shockone feat. The Ragga Twins 'City Lock' by Ryan Vernava

Shockone feat. The Ragga Twins 'City Lock' by Ryan Vernava
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Shot in Hackney, East London, Shockone's video for City Lock follows a homeless man wheeling around an elaborate soundsystem on a trolley, hypnotising city-dwellers as he passes by with the sound of City Lock.

Armed with an irresistible bass, the man single-handedly entrances his random subjects, who can't help but drop whatever they're doing to dance - in zombie fashion - towards the direction of the music. And once he hikes up the sound, the number of dancers grows to a nice little following behind him, until the song ends and the spell is broken, leaving the people dazzled where they stand.


Ryan Vernava
Jack Lightfoot
Production Company
Blindeye FilmsBlindeye Films website
Production Manager
Emily Vincent
Director of Photography
Yiannis Manolopoulos
Focus Puller
Vincent Weiler
Art Director
Zoe KoperskiZoe Koperski website
Alice Howlett
Alice Howlett
Daniel Davies
Matthew Hopper
Ross Allen
Antony Fitzgerald, Alex Shenton, Gino Picciano, Eric Hermann, Chevin Dash, Nicole Pickard, Richard Myers
Director's Representation
Chloe Page at Lock It InChloe Page at Lock It In website
Zoe Wheeler @ Eureka Productions
Warner Aus
Art director's representation
UndercrankedUndercranked website
Assistant Producer
Matthew Hopper
Abigail Foreman

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