Tourist 'Run' by Ozzie Pullin

Tourist 'Run' by Ozzie Pullin
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Ozzie Pullin has directed this thoroughly enchanting video for Tourist - aka London-based electronic music producer Will Phillips - which sees a couple running to find each other through a sprawling forest, and meeting out in the open countryside.

The video takes human attraction and gives it a powerful esoteric quality as the two individuals - who are separated by quite a distance - suddenly hear each others' presence as a siren call. And once they've set off running to find each other, they strip off their clothes, coming together as their most authentic and vulnerable selves.

From the director


"The idea for the video came through the tone and pace of the music and was inspired by the beautiful photography of Ryan Mcginley, with a dirtier colour palette. It was about expressing and embodying a real sense of freedom and lust between two people."


Ozzie Pullin
Lucy Rogers
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Executive Producer
Claire Stubbs
Production Manager
Chris DayChris Day website
1st AD
Tom Iven
Director of Photography
James Blann
Focus Puller
Toby Goodger
2nd AC
Jomar O'Meally
Kayleigh O'donovan
Ozzie Pullin
Oisín O'Driscoll
Grading company
The Mill
Post production company
The Mill
Post Producer
Lucy Mason
Director's Representation
PartizanPartizan website
Ele Beattie
Drone Camera Op
Katya Nelhams Wright at The Helicopter Girls
Drone Pilot
Angus Benson Blair
Jeanne Scahaise
Vikesh Govind
Floret Fauna, George Ramsey

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