Mali Music Ft. Jhene Aiko 'Contradiction' by Davis Silis

Mali Music Ft. Jhene Aiko 'Contradiction' by Davis Silis
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American producer and singer-songwriter Mali Music has shared this sweet new video for Contradiction, one of his contributions to the soundtrack to Spike Lee's recent feature ChiRaq.

Directed by Davis Silis, it's a wonderfully warm clip shining a spotlight on the Georgia singer and his collaborator, the singer Jhene Aiko. The pair sway gently with a glowing dance club's pretty, jovial crowd while singing about the ups and downs of love. And while the general vibe is happy and life-affirming, it also offers a reminder of those lost in violence not just in Chicago, but all over the world.

From the director


"The insurmountable loss Chicago has experienced over the years, for many people, only came into perspective when compared to America’s losses in Iraq, a war more publicised, and certainly longer-running than any other.

"I grew up not far from Chicago, so when this project came around, working with the supremely talented Mali Music, Jhené Aiko, and the team behind Spike Lee’s film Chi-Raq, the soundtrack on which Contradiction features, it felt quite personal. Especially when only a few weeks after we finished filming, my own hometown suffered a mass shooting.

"What we wanted to create was a video that reinforced the story of Chi-Raq, but also had its own message. Both a celebration of community, and a lament of its destruction. Or in other words, a contradiction. That while life does go on, we shall never forget those who were lost."


Davis Silis
Drew O'Neill
Elliot Sisson
Production Company
Bullion Productions
Production Company
Anthem Films
Executive Producer
Hannah Gracie
Executive Producer
Djay Brawner

1st AD
Sam Shapson
Director of Photography
Corey Jennings
Focus Puller
Jared Bargiel

2nd AC
Holly Horne

Corrin Hodgson

Art Director
Zak Cole
Sarah Kinsumba
Steven Tabimba
Alysha Marcantonio
Ellie Johnson
Editing company
SpeadeSpeade website
Julien Biard
Grading company
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Akila Robinson

Production Coordinator
Gabriel Younes

2nd AD
Kurtis Gnagey
Steadicam Operator
Andrew Ansnick
Corrin Hodgson

Best Boy Electric
Michael Tingley
Key Grip
Angelo Soiza
G&E Swing
Chris Montgomery, Anderson Lau
Production Designer
Brian Mayfield
Wardrobe Assistant
Beatrice Balaj, Kali Hanks, Nora Mercado
Make Up Assistant
Jovanie Acosta
Chris Cash, Erin Sanders, Joan Gallagher, Will Gormley

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