Liima 'Roger Waters' by Plastic Zoo

Liima 'Roger Waters' by Plastic Zoo
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Something terrible lurks in the dark, from which one hysterical, blood-soaked man has managed to escape. Unlike his unfortunate friend...

The video for Finnish/Danish outfit Liima's track Roger Waters is directed by Plastic Zoo – the Manchester-based directing team who recently joined Pulse's roster for music videos – and it manages to combine unspeakable dread and cartoonish comedy with great panache.

And what's more, this has one of the greatest and weirdest final shots seen in ages. And weird was clearly what Plastic Zoo were hoping to achieve, as they explain... 

"You know that feeling when you switch on the TV late at night and catch the last few minutes of a film and you think, “wow, that was awful and made absolutely no sense!” but you still wanna watch the whole thing? Yeah, that….”


Plastic Zoo
Rob Jelley
Rik Green
Executive Producer
Sarah Boardman
Production Company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
Focus Puller
Joel Honeywell
Isadora Darke
Hair & Make-up
Isadora Darke
Jack Abbott
Editing company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Lewis Crossfield
Grading company
Electric Theatre Collective
Craig Sinclair, Umer Farooq, Santiago Acevedo, Archie Harlow, and Harrison Keating

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