Mickey Lightfoot 'Anxious' (Directors Cut) by Shaun James Grant

Mickey Lightfoot 'Anxious' (Directors Cut) by Shaun James Grant
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British musician Mickey Lightfoot performs despite dire circumstances in this gripping visual for Anxious, directed by Shaun James Grant.

The video starts out with a super-closeup shot of the artist - illuminated against the night's darkness - whose eyes suggest a state of demonic posession. But when the chorus bursts in, so do the headlights of the vehicle he is revealed to be chained to.

And then out comes a malevolent figure wielding a bat with nails sticking out the end...


From the director


"Having a pre-existing friendship allowed Mickey and I to work on ideas over a good period of time and incorporate our subtle connotations from the outset. It was important for Mickey to explore the notions of feeling held back and having to constantly overcome his demons, so I actually took this stuff quite literally and threw them into a surreal scenario.

"There’s a lot of stuff in there that holds a lot of meaning to us but I felt it was also an opportunity to keep some things ambiguous and allow them to be open to interpretation."


Shaun James GrantShaun James Grant website
Nailah Clair Blissett
Director of Photography
Lorenzo Levrini
Focus Puller
Bradley Stern
Magdalena Mutungi
Shaun James GrantShaun James Grant website
Philip Hambi
Grading company
Shaun James GrantShaun James Grant website
Jazmon Voss
Movi Operator
Scott Jones
Mai Izumitani
Joley Amber Walford
Sorcha Mccoy

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