Jack Garratt 'Surprise Yourself' & 'Fire' (Live) by Shaun James Grant

Jack Garratt 'Surprise Yourself' & 'Fire' (Live) by Shaun James Grant
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Shaun James Grant has captured Jack Garratt - winner of the Critics Choice award at the 2016 Brit Awards - at his impressive best in these two stripped-back live videos, created as part of a VEVO Lift campaign. 

With Surprise Yourself, Grant emphasises Garratt's multi-instrumentalism in an unobtrusive one-shot video. The video for Fire starts in the same fashion, but when the singer lets rip halfway through the song everything is transformed. He's joined by four dancers, choreographed by Holly Blakey, for a thrilling climax.


From the director


"I feel live performances are a great opportunity to bring out the raw qualities of artists as performers. Having two tracks to work with allowed me to explore various aspects of Jack's character that worked for each track.

"Jack is renowned for his diverse instrumentalism which I really wanted to explore in Surprise Yourself. Whilst observing Jack play in rehearsal rooms it became clear how much of his concentration was taken up with the process of his music making leading to restricted physical movement. I wanted to open up his restrictions a little and we worked on simple concept that gave him plenty of movement whilst still staying true to what he does best.

"The backing track has instrumental elements removed at various points throughout which Jack played back in live. Microphones were carefully planted around the studio as well as a personal mic on Jack himself which were then vocally mixed in post. Capturing this as a oner makes the video much more personal, allowing us to really connect with what he was doing.

"Jack is a performer with endless passion and an intense energy. I wanted to convey this without cutting epileptically, using as few cuts as possible allows Jack to bring his qualities to screen through his own physical presence. Jack himself had the idea of incorporating dance [for Fire] which I thought was great. I’ve been a huge fan of Holly Blakey for some time and managed to get my pitch to her. She dug it and came straight in after the new year and turned around a great routine under serious time pressure. This was a really fun piece to shoot."


Shaun James Grant
Production Company
Lemonade MoneyLemonade Money website
Executive Producer
James Payne, Nina Yoxall, Faraz Ozman
Production Manager
Emily Juliet Morgan
1st AD
Lucas Kudapcenka
Director of Photography
David Wright
Focus Puller
Thomas Nicholson
Salvador Gomez-Lopez
Danyul Brown
Jeremy Cole
Philip Hambi
Grading company
Island Records
Josh Brooks
Holly Blakey

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