Massive Attack, Tricky & 3D 'Take It There' by Hiro Murai

Massive Attack, Tricky & 3D 'Take It There' by Hiro MuraiMassive Attack, Tricky & 3D 'Take It There' by Hiro Murai
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Massive Attack return with their first new music for over five years, and a video for the excellent Tricky-featured Take It There by Hiro Murai which is pretty much everything you could hope for.

The situation is familiar Murai territory - LA suburbia at night, shot naturally by DoP Larkin Sieple – into which comes the presence of a barely recognisable John Hawkes - shambling, decrepit, in a really bad way... and with his own personal band of demons.

And what appears like a dramatic set-up becomes something very music video - a bit like Thriller, even, through the joint, bleaker perspective of Massive Attack, Hiro Murai and choreographer Ryan Heffington. A match made in heaven.


Hiro Murai
Production Company
Doomsday Entertainment
Jason Cole
Executive Producer
Danielle Hinde
Director of Photography
Larkin Seiple
Ryan Heffington
Production designer
Maxwell Orgell
Mindy Le Brock
Ari Robbins
Casting director
Michael Beaudry
Mandy Brown
Ricky Gausis
John Hawkes
Virgin EMI
James Hackett

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