L2M 'Girlz' by Coco and Breezy

L2M 'Girlz' by Coco and Breezy
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Directing twins Coco & Breezy have shot their debut music video for the empowering song Girlz by newly-formed girl group L2M, and it's all about harnessing girl power in the modern age.

It sees five cute, fiercely talented young girls hip-hop dancing their way into the spotlight, brandishing the positive message that girls should march to the beat of their own drum. True to their generation, the girls communicate through emoji & text, meet up and capture the moment by snapping a group selfie, and celebrate their individuality by following their passions and interests. 

From the director


“When coming up for the concept for L2M, Girlz - in collaboration with Leighton Pope - we knew this was their first debut to the world. When we were in the creative process for the video treatment, we thought it was important to think about the long term branding aspect of how the girls were going to be revealed to the world. We used our eye for fashion and helped create the vision in the style department to be sure that everything tied together.

"With the younger generation being ahead of the curve, we thought it was important to have brand equity. We wanted to give the viewer an emotional connection with things that are currently happening and make it very relatable.  We are all about standing for 'Girl Power' and implemented this in the Girlz video.

"The viewer can not only watch a video but they can feel inspired to go for their dreams & goals in all aspects of life, at any age. We had a blast being on-set with the L2M members as these girls are extremely talented. The energy was very high and inspiring to anyone that was a part of this project. We are honoured to be a part of their journey.” 


Coco & Breezy
Production Company
Luti MediaLuti Media website
Executive Producer
Luti Fagbenle
Sara Lacombe
Leighton Sharpe
Hermione Ross
Production Manager
Vanda Jones
1st AD
Jamar Hawkins
Director of Photography
Anthony Kimata
Focus Puller
Devin Keebler
Emilio Marcelino
Rasheeda Ameera
Hele Vejen
Post production company
Hele Vejen
Post production company
M2 Film
Director's Representation
Luti MediaLuti Media website
Hair & Make-up

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