Pusha T Ft. Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, The-dream 'M.P.A.' by Shomi Patwary

Pusha T Ft. Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, The-dream 'M.P.A.' by Shomi Patwary
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Shomi Patwary has directed this lavish promo for Pusha T's M.P.A, with appearances from A$AP Rocky and The-Dream, and the customary bevy of nubile females.

It’s a throwback to late Seventies low-budget filmmaking and X-rated movies, with old school equipment and upholstery shown alongside the video’s more modern devices and fashion. While Kanye West (who also guests on the track) is noticeably absent from the video, he at least gets a text message shout out when one of the several girls on set sends a message asking if the superstar has shown up yet.


Shomi Patwary
Matt Zolly
Production Company
Kode MediaKode Media website
1st AD
Erek 'E Class' Mateo
Director of Photography
Dannel Escallon
Art Director
Carlos Laszlo
Michael Utsinger

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