Keøma 'Black' by Aviv Kosloff

Keøma 'Black' by Aviv Kosloff
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With shades of Tarantino and a nod to film noir - and something of a Yuletide feel too - Aviv Kosloff has directed a very watchable slice of pulp fiction for Keøma's Black, involving two bankrobbing Santas and a getaway driver. 

Shot in Berlin - very nicely shot by DoP Florian Mag – it features a charismatic performance by Ottokar Leherner as a very bad Santa who lets the loot go to his head. Bandmembers Kat and Chris plays the second robber and driver, and Kosloff builds the atmosphere nicely as they travel along dark, deserted streets in a vintage Chevy, increasingly running on empty. A twisted tale of betrayal for Christmas time... 


Aviv KosloffAviv Kosloff website
Production Manager
Timothy Wiehn
Director of Photography
Florian Mag
Focus Puller
Stephanie Dahlhaus
Alessandro Veridiani
Luisa Jaedke
Daphna Keenan
Berkan Ustalar
Post production company
Pirates N' Paradise
Embassy Of Music
Ottokar Leherner, Kat Frankie, Chris Klopfer
Fight Choreographer
Martin Goeres
Christoph Kunze
Production Assistant
Dennis Becker
Film Car
NYC Berlin

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