Ratatat 'Pricks of Brightness' by Luis Cerveró

Ratatat 'Pricks of Brightness' by Luis Cerveró
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Luis Cerveró has directed this dazzling and cryptic pot pourri of tongue-in-cheek scenes, characterised by visual art, anachronistic lavishness, a bit of absurdity and number games. 

Whether it be the band playing to a highly unusual crowd, a hand rolling the dice, a girl spraying 'PRICKS' on a wall, or painters showing their outsider art, each scene is part of a repeating structure that loops throughout, corresponding to an exact metric pattern and creating everchanging dialogue with the song.

It's also very cool. And in explaining his work, Luis Cerveró says: "This video is about predicting the future, writing bad graffiti, blurring identities, sliding doors, playing live with fake drummers and framing moustache portraits. Beyond it all a simple feeling should come across: the teenage spirit will prevail."



Luis Cerveró
Production Company
DivisionDivision website
Production Company
BlinkBlink website
Roman Pichon Herrera
Line Producer
Christelle Tastet
Director of Photography
Nicolas Loir
1st AD
Charlotte Boulin
Set design
Anna Brun
Diane Gagnant
Djoher Ait Amer
Key Grip
Benjamin Renaud
Olivier Benoist
Casting director
Candice Meiers
Post production company
Home Digital Pictures
Post Producer
Bianca Benloukil
Cherise Payne
XL Recordings
Girls Casting
Elena Cavagnara

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