John Grant 'Down Here' by Lisa Gunning

John Grant 'Down Here' by Lisa Gunning
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Lisa Gunning has directed this resonant, heartening story for singer-songwriter John Grant's Down Here, which follows a young man going through a difficult process of self-identification with considerable dignity - for which he's ultimately rewarded in delightful fashion. 

It opens on a distinctly British scene - the young man looking out the window into some typically grim, grey weather. Then he begins to leaf through a catalogue of womens' swimwear - the start of his journey which leads to him confronting social stigma, buying a sequinned swimsuit, and then heading for a local pool, where a synchronised swimming practice is in session. Then he musters up the courage and walks right into the deep end...

Lisa Gunning, already a respected features film editor (her credits include Nowhere Boy, Seven Psychopaths), directed an impressive series of videos for the Goldfrapp album Tales Of Us last year. But this is the first time she's shown a confident command of narrative in a music video, dealing with the subject with both sensitivity and humour. And then delivering an excellent punchline.


Lisa Gunning
Production Company
Good Egg
Executive Producer
John Hassay
Executive Producer
Julia Reed
Tiernan Hanby
Production Manager
Lana Salfiti
Director of Photography
Patrick Meller
Art Director
Blair Barnette
Lisa Gunning
Iain Whiteright
Director's Representation
Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UKAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK website
Costume designer
Michelle May
Fiona Glyn-Jones
Bella Union

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