Prose 'Run With Faith' by Joao Retorta

Prose 'Run With Faith' by Joao Retorta
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Bullion's latest signing Joao Retorta has created this video for Manchester-based band Prose's Run With Faith, and as he says, it's "a coming-of-age piece about friendship, and what it means to belong for different individuals in the same group of friends."

Set in a small town in the UK the film follows two friends - two football lads - on game day. The video is made up of high-energy series of clips, highlighting their enduring friendship despite their very different personalities. Josh, the youngest, is shy and quiet, whilst Elijah is loud and cocky. Beneath the surface though they both just want the same thing, which is to belong. But ultimately tensions surface.

It's the third video by Joao Retorta in quick succession - including Oscar's Breaking My Phone - that confirms he's a director of considerable promise.

From the director


"I like the use of mixed formats for the right concept and Run with Faith is a piece about youth and football lads so it made perfect sense to mirror it with a grittier look. Originally the football aspect was inspired by the faith that supporters have for their sport - following their teams every weekend, home and away.

"As I kept developing the concept, the faith element turned more towards the leads characters' friendship. Sometimes younger people do things they don’t really want to do for the sake of of their mates and being part of the group. They run with faith. During editing I wanted to mirror the intensity curve of the song - events occur non-linearly and each have their climax whilst you hear the track’s energetic ending."


Joao Retorta
Drew O'Neill
Director of Photography
Deepa Keshvala
Camera Assistant
Will Carr
Production Assistant
Karl Taylor
Joao Retorta
Jack McGinity
Grading company
Time Based Arts
Production Company
Bullion ProductionsBullion Productions website
James Hackett
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Virgin EMI
Elijah Holloway, Joshua Frater-Loughlin, Elliot Warren, Caii Hunter

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