Róisín Murphy 'Unputdownable' by Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy 'Unputdownable' by Róisín Murphy
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The third in a series of videos for Róisín Murphy's latest album, the Mercury Prize-nominated Hairless Toys, that have been directed by the artist herself, Unputdownable follows the utterly distinctive and idiosyncratic style that she established with Exploitation and Evil Eyes.

Once again, she's been influenced by the work of a late 20th century auteur, and dispensed with the conventions of music video, to make something refreshingly unique. Lipsync? You're having a laugh.


From the director


"Unputdownable is the third instalment in the 'Hairless Saga'. All the videos have been structured as trailers for something larger, some unseen total. So three trailers for three different films but starring the same actress, each time we see a woman in turmoil. 

"Exploitation, where we started, she (I know I sound mad!) plays an actress, the major reference being John Cassavettes. Evil Eyes, is about a housewife and mother, and for this I immersed myself in the work of Ingmar Bergman. Unputdownable is about a cabaret performer, a fallen woman. For reference I joyfully delved into Fassbender's bent and beautiful world.

"And so lip-sync is not appropriate in any of these videos. The fact that Unputdownable is about a singer/performer means that the  character is seen singing, but again you would have to watch the non-existent film to catch what she is singing.

"This time the trailer idea is taken further with a voice over and the text inserted like quotes from fictitious reviews. It's like an Italian trailer for a German film, hence the languages, German subtitled in Italian. The translation of the title is 'the art of the incapable'." 


Róisín Murphy
Imogen Rigby
1st AD
Bailey Marks
2nd AD
Josefina Jacobs
Director of Photography
Matthew Emvin Taylor
Focus Puller
Lukas Demgenski
2nd AD
Raul Menendez
Ray Cook
David Marquez
Kilian Drury
Harry Gay
Sunny Singh
Antti Janhunen
Art Direction
Bon Walsh
Art Department Assistant
Jack Short
Róisín Murphy
Wardrobe Assistant
Bryde Gordon
Louis Byrne
Anne Sophie Costa
Kristina Vidic
Executive Producer
Phil Tidy
Production Company
Jamie O'Donnell
Editing company
Jack McGinity
Grading company
Time Based Arts
Rob Anderson
Liam Green, Abbie Davies, Theo Sowerbutts

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