Will Young 'Brave Man' by WIZ

Will Young 'Brave Man' by WIZ
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Following up the artful symbolism of Like A River, WIZ's video for Will Young's Brave Man follows a young man as he calmly sets out on a outstanding act of bold defiance. He takes his clothes off in a pub, and walks naked through an English seaside town - his courage magnified by the fact he is a transgender individual.

As he walks naked and vulnerable through Brighton's dark and windy streets, he is targeted by snarky girls and chipshop bullies. The video works by displaying this extraordinary act in a real, almost low-key environment. All the better to draw the viewer in to reflect upon the huge uphill battle of trans people - among the most discriminated minorites in society – who are demanding acceptance for who they are.

The narrative is punctuated occasionally by the mournful presence of Will Young. He has less screen time than in any of his previous videos, but Brave Man may prove to be his most influential, in drawing media attention to an important issue. Look out for Will Young and WIZ talking about the video on Channel Four News, very soon. 



Scott O'Donnell
Production Company
Screaming Target Films
Production Manager
Rohan Scully
1st AD
Dan Gibling
Director of Photography
Ula Pontikos
Focus Puller
Thomas Nicholson
2nd AC
Luke Lloyd
Stefan Lissner
Art Director
Katie MacGregor
Lisa Jones
Bebe Newson
Elise Butt
Editing company
Trim EditingTrim Editing website
Tom Russell
Grading company
Post production company
Time Based Arts
Post Producer
Chris Aliano
Michael Averley, Thiago Dantas
Finn Colyer
Tamara Brooks
Artist Groomer
Paul Percival
Casting director
Fox Fisher
Creative Consultant
Fox Fisher

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