Tame Impala 'Let It Happen' by David Wilson

Tame Impala 'Let It Happen' by David Wilson
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David Wilson's gripping and thought-provoking video for Tame Impala's melancholic Let It Happen follows a businessman who, while dashing to catch a flight, collapses on the ground while clutching his chest. Never a good sign.

This catastrophic event sets off a disorientating sequence of lapses in time and place, which take the businessman (and us) on a startling rollercoaster involving a plane crash and the man free-falling towards Earth. And although we lose our sense of reality, his palpable sense of dread is made all the more real for it.

It's a perfectly dismal situation - and there is no conventional happy ending. But it plays out in a captivating and even beautiful way - a finale that unabashedly suggests a journey after Death. 



David Wilson
Production Company
Colonel BlimpColonel Blimp website
Executive Producer
Paul Weston
Corin Taylor
Head of Music Video
Nathan James Tettey
Production Manager
Sophie Dewey
The Directors Bureau
Service Company
Radioaktive Film
Line Producer
Kate Galytska
Production Manager
Kristina Ilyina
Director of Photography
Benoit Soler
Production designer
Kasja Soderlund
Thomas Grove Carter
Editing company
Trim EditingTrim Editing website
James Bamford
Post production company
The Mill LA
Post Producer
Kait Boehm
Post Producer
Jordan Sharon
Michael Instone
Universal Music Australia
Special Thanks
Roman Coppola
Glen Goetze
2D Lead Artist
Tim Bird
3D Lead Artist
Aron Bothman

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