BRO 'Less Than Three' by BRO

BRO 'Less Than Three' by BRO
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Pop-grunge two piece and directing duo Bro - made up of JG Harding & Garth Lee Vickers - have created a humorous, action-packed homage to retro games set to the first track from their debut EP.

The video includes plenty of 80s style VHS special effects and faithfully recreated classic computer games featuring the band members, culminating in a flaming finale in the venue packed with favourite characters from classic games.

From the director


"The aim was to make something fun, that captures the vibe of renting a dusty 80s VHS from a corner shop then watching it while hyped up on tizer and choc dips."


"We wanted to keep an authentic sprite-based feel to the characters, without having to create every of the 100 or so poses from scratch, so there's some trickery involved in processing the raw animations.

"The Streets of Rage style characters were rigged in a unique way that allowed their torsos to turn through a full 90 degrees, without breaking the IK rig. Without this, the movements would have been very two-dimensional, and not true enough to the original game artwork.

"The most difficult part was getting the physical movements right on Jules animated appendage; too much movement and it looked like a rattlesnake being tasered, too little and it became a lifeless football sock filled with sand. I like to think we got it right in the goldilocks zone."


Production Company
Harding & Brookes
Director of Photography
J G Harding
J G Harding
J G Harding
Andrew Brookes
Garth Lee Vickers
Garth Lee Vickers

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