Paul Kalkbrenner 'Feed Your Head' by Björn Rühmann

Paul Kalkbrenner 'Feed Your Head' by Björn Rühmann
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Paul Kalkbrenner has recently released this third and final instalment of the FLORIAN trilogy, for his track Feed Your Head. 

Written by creatives Alexander Nowak and Felix Richter of Droga5 New York and directed by Björn Rühmann, the video marks the completion of the story that began with Cloud Riderand continued with Mothertrucker. As the story goes, Florian, a friendly young foreigner in America, compulsively shares the music he loves with strangers but is continually met with aggressive and even violent rejection. 

This third instalment offers up  a bittersweet compromise between hope and dejection. Florian's spirits are up again as he gives a triumphant performance at a talent show, in which his tormentors from the previous videos join him one by one in dancing and celebrating his beloved techno. But then comes the final twist...



Björn Rühmann
Production Company
Jefferson Projects
Executive Producer
David Thorne
Evan Urman
Director of Photography
Benjamin Kitchens
Casting director
Alyson Horn
Erik Gersovitz
Editing company
Arcade Edit
Greg Scruton
Assistant Editor
Paolo Miramontes
Post production company
Ricky Gausis
Post Production Executive
Amanda Ornelas
Post Producer
Summer McCloskey
VFX Producer
Nicole Saccardi
VFX Supervisor
Gizmo Rivera
Eleven Sound
Sound design
Ben Freer
Alex Nowak
Felix Richter
Sound Executive Producer
Suzanne Hollingshead
Sound Producer
Dawn Redmann

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