Mexican Knives 'Beach Song' by Erin Barry

Mexican Knives 'Beach Song' by Erin Barry
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Following her and Fraser Watson's video for Nightmare, London-based director/photographer Erin Barry has directed her second video for Detroit-based garage rock band Mexican Knives, another exercise in lo-fi experimentation for The Beach Song. 

Shot on Hampstead Heath, it features a blonde with some issues, and camerawork by Watson on the Go-Pro and Black Magic pocket camera, operating both underwater in the murky Heath ponds, and at ground level.

"The inspiration behind the video was a modern take on a B-horror swamp thing with a dark female edge- all handcrafted in London," says Erin. You can listen to the new Mexican Knives album here.


Erin Barry
Fraser Watson
Erin Barry
Production Company
Foliage FilmsFoliage Films website
Director of Photography
Fraser Watson
Art Director
Erin Barry
Fraser Watson
Fraser Watson
Carly Russ @ Lenis Models

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