On an On 'It's Not Over' by Carlos Lopez Estrada

On an On 'It's Not Over' by Carlos Lopez Estrada
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Great video for Minneapolis band On an On's It's Not Over by Carlos Lopez Estrada, who's created this touching love story, about the efforts of a couple to stay together after she has to leave on a train journey, which is also side-splittingly hilarious. 

He may be channelling a touch of Gondry's Star Guitar video and a smidge of Cyriak, but this certainly has the Lopez Estrada stamp, in evidence in those great Clipping videos and more, manipulating lo-fi technology (and apparently this was shot on an iPhone 6) to make ridiculously entertaining live action cartoon.

Great stuff, all the way down the line.


Carlos Lopez Estrada
Alissa Torvinen
Executive Producer
Matt Pittman
Production Company
Alpen Pictures
Director of Photography
Carlos Lopez Estrada
Tanner Merrill
Sound design
Michael O'Connor
Art Director
Britt Keller
Camera Assistant
Matthew Tompkins
Carlos Lopez Estrada
Director's Rep (US)
Doomsday EntertainmentDoomsday Entertainment website
Director's Rep (UK)
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Wire Work
Damien Bray and Keenen Bray

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