Tame Impala 'Cause I'm A Man' by Weirdcore

Tame Impala 'Cause I'm A Man' by Weirdcore
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The remarkable experimental design and animation skills of London-based Weirdcore, finds a brilliant outlet in his latest video for Tame Impala's Cause I'm A Man.

Weirdcore creates a highly imaginative vision of masculinity - including all the imaginative limitations of a typical male - while also paying homage to some great music-based design of the past. In particular, there's a huge nod to the legendary album artwork of Hipgnosis, behind iconic covers for Pink Floyd, T.Rex, UFO and many others. And as he explains below, he worked in a new way in 3D to make it happen. 

Prepare to be sucked-in and hypnotised by this wonderfully crafted universe, for an instant psychedelic soft rock classic.


From the director


"Visually for me, it’s like a kind of homage to Hipgnosis artwork, as I feel Tame Impala’s music is suited to that look and feel. TI’s new artwork for the album was a great inspiration for the vibe of it, I happily threw in as many artwork cameos as I could from that.

"Technically the constant moving camera was an ideal way to show near non-moving scenarios, long takes and minimal editing is something I’m always into doing. This is the first 3D video I’ve made where none of the 3D was modelled for it, all assets were either bought/found/acquired/customised from various sources, so its a bit like a 3D collage.

"All was made/rendered in Cinema 4D and then taken in Max 7 to capture some feedback effects for the backgrounds to give a more fluid/organic feel. All the multipasses were then merged together and captured in After Effects for the final magic touches...

"I want to do more videos in this vibe - I feel like I’m just getting warmed up!" 


Production Company
PrettybirdPrettybird website
Margo Mars
Executive Producer
Juliette Larthe
Lead Animator
Production Assistant
Laura Thomas Smith
3D Animator
James Francis
3D Animator
Andy Overton
James Francis
James Francis
Glen Goetze
Modular Records

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