Cais Sodré Funk Connection 'Offbeat' by Richard F. Coelho

Cais Sodré Funk Connection 'Offbeat' by Richard F. Coelho
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Portuguese director Richard F. Coelho has created a vivacious piece to accompany the boisterous, big horn sound of Cais Sodré Funk Connection's Offbeat.

Within an abandoned (and probably condemned) industrial space, he introduces a diverse cast of characters - plus the numerous members of Cais Sodré - that personify, in Coelho's words, "their and our features, fears, aspirations, sexual duality and more, in a fun and offbeat way."

All the more impressive that it was put together on a tiny budget after the band asked Coelho to make the video. A visual feast, from a promising new directing talent.


Richard F. CoelhoRichard F. Coelho website
Richard F. Coelho
Director of Photography
Leandro Ferrão
Focus Puller
Selma Ri
Art Director
Richard F. Coelho
Paula Miranda
Andreia Bertini
Grading company
Ingreme Post Production

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