Death From Above 1979 'Virgins' by Eva Michon

Death From Above 1979 'Virgins' by Eva Michon
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Eva Michon's wonderful video for Death From Above 1979's Virgins demonstrates what we've all long suspected - that the Amish of Pennsylvania are not quite as old fashioned and pious as they make out. They're really hippies in 19th century costumes.

Okay, maybe its a bit of an exaggeration, as a couple of pubescent Amish teens are introduced to sex, drugs and rock and roll at the most debauched barn dance ever. But Eva Michon (who's previous work includes Owen Pallett's The Riverbed) takes an up-close, sensual approach that shows how temptation is just as great when you're close to nature - perhaps even greater. And if you pick those funny-looking mushrooms, you'll end up with eye-licking and sexy teat-milking... 


Eva Michon
Oscar Boyson
Executive Producer
Ways & Means
Director of Photography
Kevin Phillips
Production designer
Ashley & Megan Fenton
Costume designer
Dylan Hostetter
Michael Beaudry

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