Will Young 'Love Revolution' by Chino Moya

Will Young 'Love Revolution' by Chino Moya
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Will Young is back with his heavily Motown-influenced Love Revolution - and reminding everyone what a standout music video performer he is in the highly entertaining video by Chino Moya. 

Powered by the wonderfully inventive art direction and styling that marked out his video St Vincent's Digital Witness, Chino gives Will the chance to play a character with murky depths, and comic potential. He's the creepy marketing director of faceless cleaning products who's manic enthusiasm takes on quasi-religious overtones. 

Chino has hailed Will's acting chops - see below - and it certainly looks like he's taking his on-screen performing to the next level. Maybe it's all down to the beard... 

From the director


"It was great working with someone who wanted to push the idea as far as me, especially when the track initially came in with a very open brief.

"Will is a great actor and that made the experience of making a music video with him completely different. He really got into the character and he did it amazingly well."


Chino Moya
Production Company
HSI London
Amalia Rosen-Rawlings
Production Manager
Lanie Rose
1st AD
Will Jasper
2nd AD
Erin Bottari
Director of Photography
Patrick Meller
Focus Puller
Jeff Vine
Clapper Loader
Ben Worthington
Camera Trainee
Eira Wyn Jones
Tom Wilkinson
Cassius McCabe
Chris Belcher
Charlie Galustian
Nathan Mattews
Art Director
Mike Hollywood
Holly Blakey
Stylist (Artist)
Susan Hildebrandt
Artist Groomer
Paul Percival
Stylist (cast)
Hannah Hopkins
Make-up (Cast)
Nadia Bellone
Hair (Cast)
Nuria Furnandez
James Rose
Duncan Russell
Grading company
Samantha Neal
Tamara Brooks

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