Hot Chip 'Need You Now' by Shynola

Hot Chip 'Need You Now' by Shynola
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They may be animation legends but Shynola are pretty much all about live action these days when it comes to their outings in music video. But the magic is still there, as this intriguing fantasy for Hot Chip's wistful Need You Now shows.

Band frontman Alexis Taylor, in a post break-up daze, and marooned in a familiarly desolate and drizzly English seaside town, finds himself caught in a strange time-loop. He ends up in a cat-and-mouse chase with himself - and playing both the cat and the mouse.

It's intricately structured - with the mystery increased as versions of Alexis are obliterated as everything turns to black. But the chase still goes on, and the video does an excellent job of depicting a sense of helpless anguish, amidst a feeling of unfinished business - all reflecting Alexis's emotive vocals in the track.



Jacob Swan Hyam
Production Company
Black Dog Films
Executive Producer
Katie Dolan
1st AD
Chris Kelly
Director of Photography
Benoit Soler
Focus Puller
Anthony Hugill
Mark Holownia
Art Director
Ezra Piers-Mantell
Kate Tabor
Hair & Make-up
Charlotte Kraftsman
Leila Sarraf
Editing company
Trim EditingTrim Editing website
Paul Harrison
Grading company
Ross McDowell
Girlfriend Character Played By Sophie Francesca
Director's Representation
Black Dog Films
John Moule
Production Assistant
Stephanie Werrell Smyth
Video Within Video DoP
Beau Scott

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