Oscar 'Daffodil Days' by Laurie Lynch

Oscar 'Daffodil Days' by Laurie Lynch
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Laurie Lynch unveils an emotive tale about Elliot, a 15 year old boy riding around his neighbourhood with a rifle and a boombox, suffering from epilepsy and regular teenage angst, in the video for indie-slacker baritone Oscar Scheller's rather excellent Daffodil Days.

The setting of coastal bleakness may be familiar - and Oscar himself cameos, playing guitar in a suitably bleak living room - but Laurie conjures something special here. “You’re on your own / and that’s OK” is the line Oscar sings at the song’s end, and the video is indeed a representation of that sentiment.


Laurie Lynch
Production Company
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Sara Andersson
Executive Producer
Katie Dolan
Production Manager
Boris Franchi
Director of Photography
Serge TeulonSerge Teulon website
Focus Puller
Beau Scott
Focus Puller
Rob Webster
Art Director
Grace Bailey
Ilona Mcilwain
Ilona Mcilwain
Ilona Mcilwain
Chris Roebuck
Editing company
Cut+RunCut+Run website
Duncan Russell
Grading company
Elliott – Joe Edwards, Jezebel – Sabrina Bartlett, Mum – Janette Corker
Special Thanks
Panavision, Get Set Hire, Panalux, Cut & Run, Glassworks, Civilised Car Hire, Michael Plant
Director's Representation
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Scruffy Bird
Production Assistant
Jacob Dempsey
Emilio Schlappi
Jamila Wingett
DoP's representation
UndercrankedUndercranked website

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