FKA twigs 'Glass And Patron' by FKA twigs

FKA twigs 'Glass And Patron' by FKA twigs
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As a winner of the YouTube Music Awards, creative powerhouse FKA twigs has taken the opportunity to direct and co-choreograph this promo for her track Glass and Patron.

The unsettling atmosphere of her previous work is alive and well in the beginning of this one, which has twigs giving birth to a group of dancers, who then take it to the catwalk to have an intense vogue-off. Twigs watches diligently from her throne, at the helm of the troupe, and then takes over for the climax of the video. She doesn't plan on being upstaged any time soon. 


FKA Twigs
Dominic Thomas
Production Company
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Executive Producer
Morgan Clement
Director of Photography
Manuel Claro
Freddie Bonfanti
Production designer
James Hatt
Karen Clarkson
Benjamin Milan
Aaron Sillis
FKA Twigs
Julia Knight
Benjamin Milan, David Magnifique, Javier Ninja, Alex Mugler, Tamsier, Jamel Prodigy, Dominant, Kanerflex

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