Clipping 'Summertime' by Carlos Lopez Estrada

Clipping 'Summertime' by Carlos Lopez Estrada
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After his superb videos last year for Inside Out and Work Work, Carlos Lopez Estrada's video for Clipping's Summertime is arguably the best of the lot. 

Described simply as 'a film about identity,' Estrada has superimposed cutouts of Clipping's lipsyncing face on unsuspecting pedestrians, beach-dwellers and fast food servers. Estrada interprets the track's theme about growing up in LA through this hilarious and captivating effect.

Fine ladies in bikinis, sunny beaches, dealing with cops, riding around sunny LA and ordering loads of fast food... We're in Clipping's world now, and what more entertaining way to illustrate West-Coast culture could there be?



Carlos Lopez Estrada
Production Company
Doomsday Entertainment
Ian Blair
Alissa Torvinen
Director of Photography
Nicholas Weisnet
Tanner Merrill
Thomas Bailey
Sound design
Michael O'Connor
Camera Assistant
Jared Wennberg
2nd unit director
Zora Ellis
2nd Unit DOP
Ben Mullinkosson
2nd Unit
Paul Santagada, Max Belin, Naheem Adio
Additional Photography
Todd Banhazl
Additional Photography
Carlos Lopez Estrada
Post Supervisor
Taylor Brusky

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