Adam Buxton 'Christmas In The Countryside' by Thomas Ormonde

Adam Buxton 'Christmas In The Countryside' by Thomas Ormonde
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Adam Buxton's cousin Monty demonstrates the wonders of Christmas, as practiced by country folk, including the true source of tinsel and the delights of woodland porn.

And much more in this feast of tasty festive nonsense from Adam and director Thomas Ormonde, which comes from Adam's latest TV outing, Adam Buxton’s Shed of Christmas - now airing on Sky Arts.

And the show also includes Adam's conversation with his 5 year old daughter Hope about the suitability of Princess Leia's slave-girl outfit, as animated by The Brothers McLeod – now blowing up as viral smash and accompanied by comments from some of the internet's smuggest oddballs. 


Thomas Ormonde
Dan Keefe
Director of Photography
Edward Tucker
Executive Producer
Anthony Austin
Martin Perkins
1st AC / Focus Puller
Woody Gregson

Camera Loader
Jess Wray

Art Director
Polly Philip

Art Dept. Assistant
Helen Mearns

Lead Actor
Adam Buxton
Allan Williams
Street Thug 1
Carl Norton
Street Thug 2
Jon ‘Minty’ Mooney
City Guy
Anthony Austin
Naked Elf
Dan Keefe
Jack Williams
Processing & Telecine
Nigel @i-Dailies
Music Composition
Stuart Earl

Sound Design / Mastering
Ben Bell @Redlight Studio

Dan Keefe

Theo Nunn, Tom Malins, Rob Wicksteed

Tim Smith @The Mill
The Mill Producer
Jack Harris
Executive Producer
Seamus Murphy-Mitchell & Clive Tulloh

Line Producer
Justine Field
Dee Ellis

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