Peace 'World Pleasure' by Charlie James Reader

Peace 'World Pleasure' by Charlie James ReaderPeace 'World Pleasure' by Charlie James Reader
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Peace kick out the jams in proper Stone Roses fashion with World Pleasure (from new album Happy People), and indulge in a spot of role-play in the video by Charlie James Reader. 

For once, this is a Peace video dominated by the band's own solid and very watchable performance - no boyband spoofing here. But lead singer Harry turns into Maggie Thatcher (snatching some milk, as it turns out), with other band members playing (Tory) Boy George and BoJo. Then the girl fans take over, carrying on the gender-bending theme, as the band and Charlie ramp up the spirit of the second summer of love...

From the director


"When I met with the band, they felt it was high time that they played on one of their (excellent) videos.  We had a creative conversation fuelled by Guiness and chips that lead to the inclusion of Harry as Maggie, Sam as Osborne and Dom as Boris.  Who doesn’t love dressing up as a Tory politician?

"Plus we had some really great fans who had a go at being a band too. The shoot was as much fun as you can have in a freezing warehouse.  By the end of the video, I think you can see that."


Charlie James Reader
Production Company
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Tabetha Glass-jackman
Executive Producer
Liz Kessler
Director of Photography
Arthur Mulhern
Art Director
Katie Clarke
Danie Farrington
Lisa Angwin
Houmam Abdallah
Grading company
Electric Theatre Collective
The Assembly Rooms
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms
Sony Music

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