Hannah Peel 'Find Peace' by Piers Vernon-Kell

Hannah Peel 'Find Peace' by Piers Vernon-Kell
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Multi-instrumental electronic artist Hannah Peel's Find Peace is a contemporary Christmas song (it's released as part of the 2014 edition of Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, a small Netherlands-based label set up to release limited vinyl just for the festive season) for which Piers Vernon-Kell has created a distinctive (albeit not notably festive) music video.

The sole focus is the head and limbless upper body of a jet-black mannequin who becomes the song's performer. Piers used After Effects to graft his cast's features into the mannequin's - and add the time-lapse foliage around the mannequin.   

From the director


"I interpret Hannah Peel's Find Peace as a nod towards man-made climate change and inevitable self destruction. My aim was to reflect the tone and message of the song without being too direct. The premise of the video is nature becoming consumed by technology. I used a mannequin to represent humanity as a self-made artificial force." 


Piers Vernon-Kell
Piers Vernon-Kell
1st AD
Simon Biu
Director of Photography
Anthony Dias
2nd AC
Ian Colclough
Fiona Rose
Piers Vernon-Kell
Piers Vernon-Kell
Rio Fredrika

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