Panda Bear 'Boys Latin' by Encyclopedia Pictura

Panda Bear 'Boys Latin' by Encyclopedia PicturaPanda Bear 'Boys Latin' by Encyclopedia Pictura
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Room for one more great video in 2014? Following their long-awaited return with Metronomy's The Upsetter last month, the comeback of Encyclopedia Pictura gathers momentum with their new video for Panda Bear's mesmerising Boys Latin, and this time it's the collective's Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch turn to approach EP's favourite themes.

The inspiration, as with much of their work, is the wonder of nature, and then turning it into something mind-bendingly fantastical. But Isaiah and Sean have taken an entirely fresh approach to this project: it's their first fully-animated video.

This is a seashore adventure that has its characters go through sudden, radical and scary physical changes when they come in contact with mysterious aqueous fauna. So with the Metronomy video - directed by Darren Rabinovitch - displaying EP's remarkable talents for in-camera effects via costume design and art direction, this one focusses on their equally amazing talents for post work and animation.

Another beautiful, jawdropping visual treat - and, of course, no less Encyclopedia Pictura. Definitely another (and perhaps the last) great video for 2014...      


Encyclopedia Pictura
Isaiah Saxon
Sean Hellfritsch
Production Company
Ghost Robot
Director's Rep (UK)
Strange Beast

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