Metronomy 'The Upsetter' by Encyclopedia Pictura

Metronomy 'The Upsetter' by Encyclopedia PicturaMetronomy 'The Upsetter' by Encyclopedia Pictura
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More than six years since they created their epic 3D video for Bjork's Wanderlust - the winner of Video of the Year at the first UK Music Video Awards in 2008 - to be followed by a long haitus from filmmaking, Encyclopedia Pictura are back. 

The directing collective, known for the extraordinary nature-based surrealism in videos for Grizzly Bear, Seventeen Evergreen and others, have returned to make the video for Metronomy's The Upsetter, with Daren Rabinovitch at the helm. Daren has also created the astonishing costumes in the video (their making is documented in the BTS film linked below), that sees the creation of one character, a sort of human sloth, to the transformation of the other, as a forest woman starts to incorporate the forest in her body.

Essentially this is a love story, about the woman (possibly from civilisation who has been lost in the forest for years and grown a beard) who in her solitude creates a companion of grass and earth on the ground. Then, as her loneliness overcomes her, she brings the grass creature to life.

The level of vision and ambition is there, as before, and the physical development of the characters is extraordinary. And Daren Rabinovitch's direction adds a level of warmth and poignancy to EP's trademark visionary style and themes. Very good to have them back.

• Making of Daren Rabinovitch of Encyclopedia Pictura's video for Metronomy's The Upsetter here



Daren Rabinovitch
Encyclopedia Pictura
Rona Vergne
Production Company
Ghost Robot
Executive Producer
Mark De Pace
Executive Producer
Zachary Mortensen
Production Manager
Natasha Giliberti
2nd AC
Sierra Haworth
Matt Rome
Art Director
Jackson Barlow
Megan Moore
Ayumi Ashley
Director's Representation
Las Bandas Be Brave
Costume designer
Daren Rabinovitch
Isaiah Saxon
Ashley Brock
Director's Representation
Jen Herrera
Director's Rep (UK)
Strange Beast
Rob Wilson
Stephanie Chiou
Dolan Chorng, Duncan Russell, Theresa Cho, Kay He
Benji Blanco, Andrew Nimmo, Hoa Ly, Jon Beilin, Caitlin Vavasour, Nicholas Waton, Adela Waton, David Vergne

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