FKA twigs 'Video Girl' by Kahlil Joseph

FKA twigs 'Video Girl' by Kahlil JosephFKA twigs 'Video Girl' by Kahlil Joseph
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FKA twigs teams up with director Kahlil Joseph for her latest promo Video Girl. And Kahlil's long-awaited follow-up since his MVA Video of the Year-winning video for Flying Lotus's Until The Quiet Comes does not disappoint!

Set in a stark prison, we watch twigs bear witness to a man on death row, being killed by lethal injection. It’s a rarity to see such a powerful performer captured so strikingly. Her dancing, utterly captivating and in such an uncomfortable setting creates an incredibly thought-provoking and tense piece. You’ll find yourself unable to look away. 


Kahlil Joseph
Executive Producer
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Executive Producer
Omid Fatemi
Executive Producer
Onye Anyanwu
Onye Anyanwu
Director of Photography
Jason McCormick
Production designer
James Chinlund
Ryan Heffington
Luke Lynch
Graham Zeller
Stylist (cast)
Karen Clarkson
Make-up Designer
Naoko Scintu
Hair & Make-up (Artist)
Soichi Inagaki
Costume designer
Jenna Wright
Christian Lau
Travis Scott
Grading company
The Mill
Production Company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Production Company
What Matters Most

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