OK Go 'I Won't Let You Down' by Kazuaki Seki and Damian Kulash, Jr.

OK Go 'I Won't Let You Down' by Kazuaki Seki and Damian Kulash, Jr.OK Go 'I Won't Let You Down' by Kazuaki Seki and Damian Kulash, Jr.
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Just when you thought OK Go must have exhausted all the possibilities of the insanely ingenious art-performance video; and that Writing's On The Wall was surely the last word in jawdroppingly art directed and choreographed one-take extravaganzas... 

Okay, no-one actually thought that they would stop doing this sort of thing. We're just glad that Honda got in touch, and showed the guys something they've been working on for a while... 

It's the latest beta version of Honda's mini-personal mobility device, the Uni-Cub. Part-unicycle, part sitdown segway, it's the co-star of the video for I Won't Let You Down, together with hundreds of Japanese schoolkids who also make a crucial contribution to a visual display only visible from the air.

The result, directed by Damian together with Kazuaki Seki, and Morihiro Harano as creative director, is just as impressive and spectacular as we have come to expect from this remarkable band.

But arguably the biggest star of the video, in a technical sense, is behind the camera. Or rather, it is the eye of the video. When the horizontal steadicam-like movement (shot half-speed, as is clear from the first seconds of the video) as OK Go move on their Uni-Cubs from studio to exterior, suddenly goes vertical, it's no secret how it's done. But it is one of the most imaginative uses of drone technology yet seen.

For a band that specialises in 'wow' moments, it is up there with the best. OK Go actually don't let us down, do they?

• More on how they made the I Won't Let You Down video


Creative Director
Morihiro Harano
Art Director
Jun Nishida
Kazuaki Seki
Damian Kulash, Jr.
furitsukekagyou air:man
Director of Photography
Makoto Okuguchi
Akiyoshi Irio
Takashi Taniguchi
Taito Oyama
Quadrocopter Pilot
Kenji Yasuda
Kazuki Yunoki
Hair & Make-up
Asuka Fujio
Isao Yoshida
Location Manager
Kyohei Kitamura
Shunsuke Kakuuchi
Takashi Tanaka
Shigeyuki Toriumi

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