Mutual Benefit 'Advanced Falconry' by Allie Avital Tsypin/BANGS

Mutual Benefit 'Advanced Falconry' by Allie Avital Tsypin/BANGS
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Allie Avital Tsypin of Brooklyn collective BANGS directed the fine Hundred Waters' Murmur a couple of months back, and BANGS's back catalogue is well worth checking out too. Like this well-observed, slow-burning dissection of everyday family catastrophe that came out at the end of last year for Advanced Falconry by Mutual Benefit - the indie-pop project of singer-songwriter Jordan Lee.

As this multi-generational clan gather for a family portrait in an autumnal backyard, the fallen leaves prove an inevitable temptation for the kids. It's the tipping point for stressed-out mum and dad - and that's before their youngest starts scooping up earth...



From the director


"The idea came to me watching a bunch of friends posing for a photo at a dinner party...that awkward in-between moment when most people's social anxieties and true selves really shine.

"I was lucky enough to find those kids - all four of them are siblings.  They are German and home-schooled and speak with German accents even though they've been living in the US most of their lives.

"When the little kid started eating the 'dirt' - which was actually crushed-up Oreos – he was so happy and on such a sugar high that he started laughing hysterically, and then this really weird thing happened where the entire cast and crew started laughing uncontrollably.  Maybe we were all just exhausted, but it felt like a collective hysteria of went on for about 10 minutes straight."


Allie Avital
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