Ten Walls 'Walking With Elephants' by Nez

Ten Walls 'Walking With Elephants' by NezTen Walls 'Walking With Elephants' by Nez
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Nez takes a virtually new sport - certainly unknown in the UK - called flyboarding, and made it the climax of an intriguing video for Ten Walls' Walking With Elephants. 

With a growing number of costumed runners appearing in the familiar setting of Dungeoness - captured on land and air - the imagery is arresting from the start. But then we get the gobsmacking bit, with the costumed men leaping unfeasibly dolphin-like through the waves off the Kent coast.

This is flyboarding - but with all the gear required to make this happen, the jetpacks attached to the flyboarders' feet, the jet-skis and tube that pull them, all rendered invisible in post. Which turns the arresting into the mesmerizing. 



Shabana Mansuri
Executive Producer
Sarah Boardman
1st AD
Rob Hunter
Director of Photography
Stephane Vallee
Focus Puller
Ahmet Husseyin
Costume designer
Grace Snell
Max Windows
Editing company
HomespunHomespun website
Aubrey Woodiwiss
Grading company
Electric Theatre Collective
VFX Company
Gloria FX
Director's Representation
Joceline Gabriel
Dan Curwin
Atlantic Records
Action Water Sports

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