Rich Aucoin 'Yelling In Sleep' by Joel Mackenzie

Rich Aucoin 'Yelling In Sleep' by Joel MackenzieRich Aucoin 'Yelling In Sleep' by Joel Mackenzie
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Canadian animation director Joel Mackenzie - who has made films for TV clients including BBC, HBO and Cartoon Network - has created this marvellous music video for Rich Aucoin's Yelling In Sleep - aka Lumberjacked - where one man stands between a nice world full of trees and animals and maple syrup on tap (well, this is a Canadian cartoon), and digital annihilation. 

Our hero is a reformed lumberjack, happily communing with that groovy chick called Mother Nature, until an 8-Bit mutant wasp starts to create havoc in his woody idyll. Then it's time to break out his long-retired axe...  

Joel's video has already become an animation festival favourite, premiered at this year's Toronto Animation Arts Festival International and winning best music video at Animation Block Party 2014.


Joel Mackenzie
Joel Mackenzie
Grahaeme Cowie
Morgane Billault
Matthew Shepherd
Tony Mitchell
Murray Bain
Murray Bain
James Dalziel

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