Fenech-Soler 'Last Forever' by Luke Bellis

Fenech-Soler 'Last Forever' by Luke Bellis
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Having directed the video for Fench-Soler's Magnetic last year, Luke Bellis then toured with the band, and has made a documentary about the making of their last album.

Now comes the video for the American release of Last Forever, which sees Luke exploiting his familiarity with the band – and creating the performance you could never capture on tour. With the camera continuously rotating in motion control, Luke has composited the various takes, so multiples of the bandmembers perform – and interact with themselves.   

From the director


"For the US release of Last Forever, I wanted to shoot a performance video with a twist where we’d just use one continuous spinning shot throughout the video but we’d see the band performing and interacting with duplicates of themselves. 

"After lots of planning and plotting, we went and shot the video in an empty studio where they shoot The X Factor. It was a fun day, all went to plan and we captured it all in about 30 takes.

"I also make a cameo in the video if you can spot it!"


Luke Bellis
Poss Kondeatis
Executive Producer
Hughie Phillips
Production Company
Director of Photography
Matthew Emvin Taylor
1st AC
Malte Huebner
Art Director
Dale Slater
Assistant Art Director
Abi Ford
Luke Bellis
Dave Rose
Grading company
Prime Focus
Director's Representation
Chloe Page at Lock It InChloe Page at Lock It In website
Motion Control Tech
Tomi Keeling
Kwesi Mcleod, Simon Hill
Record Label
So Recordings/ Caroline / Sony Music Germany
UK Music Video Rep
Chloe Page (Lock It In)

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