Magalie 'First Kiss' by John Turner

Magalie 'First Kiss' by John Turner
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Based in the UK and born in Paris to Mauritian parents, singer Magalie launches her debut single First Kiss with this fun John Turner-directed promo. 

John intercuts a studio performance from Magalie with vignettes of young couples in the first flush of romance shot in London and a very sunny Brighton...


John Turner
Production Company
Passion Pictures
Ada Almeida
Executive Producer
Dan Scott-Croxford
1st AD
Grant Sandy-phillips
Director of Photography
Alex Reid
Focus Puller
Scotty Williams
2nd AC
Samuel Stephenson
Alastair Bury
Art Director
Jacki Castelli
Elena De Palma
Editing company
Marshall Street Editors
Matt Turner
Grading company
Absolute Post
Hair & Make-up (Artist)
Stacy Okafor
Hair & Make-up (cast)
Hannah Maestranzi
Stylist (Artist)
Tatum Mazzilli
Stylist (cast)
George Buxton
Wardrobe Assistant
Holly MacDonald & Kate Tabor
Casting director
Ilenka Jelowicki
Natasha Martone
Special Thanks
Arri Focus, Genesis Hire, Holborn Studios
Special Thanks
Absolute Post
Director's Representation
Passion Pictures
Ovation Records
Special Thanks
Marshall Street Editors
Kai Devenish, Cosima Roughton, Tyler Mclean, Rio Debolla, Josh Mayson

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