Rae Morris ft Fryars 'Cold' by Nadia

Rae Morris ft Fryars 'Cold' by NadiaRae Morris ft Fryars 'Cold' by Nadia
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Following the videos for Skin and Do You Even Know, Nadia Marquard Otzen continues her fruitful collaboration with singer Rae Morris with the video for Cold. The song is a duet with Fryars, aka Benjamin Garrett, who also stars in the video, as Nadia transforms the battling relationship described in the song on a grand scale. 

The setting is an impressively huge hanger-like space, where two groups of male and female dancers represent the conflict of the two main protagonists, through the choreography of Aaron Sillis, in a compelling and original way...

From the director


"It’s a rare chance to get to develop a relationship between the filmmaker and artist these days, so it’s a joy working with Rae and create her visual identity from scratch. She’s up for pushing ideas and concepts out of the norm which is great.

"This time round we played with the idea of the duet - which this track is. We created a stand-off between two people, interpreting the distance and coldness growing between them in an abstract way. While having some fun too."


Nadia Marquard Otzen
Production Company
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Liz Kessler
Director of Photography
Rasmus Heise
Aaron Sillis
Emma Savill
David Stevens
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms
Paul Harrison
Grading company
Lee Watson
Andy Copping
Post production company
Post production company
Atlantic Records
Dan Curwin

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