DyE ft Egyptian Lover 'She's Bad' by Dent De Cuir

DyE ft Egyptian Lover 'She's Bad' by Dent De Cuir

Simply put, sex sells. DyE created headlines with the video for Fantasy, an extremely NSFW sex and gore animation by Jeremie Perin. And although things have been slightly toned down, and brightened up, in the follow-up, the video for She's Bad directed by Dent De Cuir (filmmaking duo Jean-Philippe Chartrand and Benjamin Mege) is still a provocative combination of erotica and extreme violence. 

The video sees a temptress (Aude Auffret) meet her date at a tiki bar, her face replaced with library footage cuttings of wildlife. Predictable and then very disturbing results ensue. Ouch.

"It is about a girl, a bad one, who’s too sexy for human beings,” says DyE, aka French producer Juan de Guillebon. "[Fantasy] was a difficult thing to follow up. I hope this one’s crazy enough for people."

“We were looking at John Stezaker’s layered, peel-away collages, and referenced a book of tattoos and how they sit on the body,” say Dent de Cuir, who have also created color-splashed animated works for Modeselektor and Sebastian. 



Dent de Cuir
Production Company
Excuse My French
Executive Producer
Constance Guillou
Executive Producer
Angélique Bosio
Production Manager
Charlotte Grujard
1st AD
Antoine Desanti
Director of Photography
Alexandre Icovic
Focus Puller
François Belin
2nd AC
Stéphane Giacomo
Manuel Gaspar
Art Director
Francois Bourguet
Géraldine Pezet
Philipinne Cordon
Oriane Cattiaux
Dent de Cuir
Sylvain Canot
Post production company
Premiere Heure
Post Producer
Louis Arcelin
Post Producer
Daniel Rota
Julien au Couturier
Anne-Lou érambert
Charlotte Ficat

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