Ella Eyre 'If I Go' by Henry Scholfield

Ella Eyre 'If I Go' by Henry Scholfield
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Following on from his video for Stromae's Tous Les Memes – 42 million views on YouTube and counting – Henry Scholfield has created another stunning all in-camera visual feast, this time for hot new artist Ella Eyre.

Ella and her dancers perform in a beautiful limbo-like space , surrounded by geometric shaped furnishing and lighting panels. A simple enough set-up, but it turns out that the rules of gravity don’t apply. In fact, gravity itself is seemingly manipulated by her performance.

In fact, its another video that demonstrates Henry technical ingenuity, as well as his eye for art direction and choreography. And he explains more below...



From the director


"-So the ceiling is the floor? 

"Yes... No... First the floor is the wall then the floor will be the floor...

"The concept itself threw up a lot of technical challenges and no less in the semantics of which way is up, at what point and for whom. With the direction of gravity becoming kind of optional it throws up a lot of ideas about what could look cool, but it's hard to visualise...

"We had a very very basic reference model I stuck together and spent a fair amount of time in prep twisting it one way or another whilst cracking our necks and scratching our heads, but in the end you kinda get a feel for it... Like reading words backwards.

"Creating a set that could turn 360º and appear so effortlessly crafted with a beautiful, beat-driven lighting aesthetic that had to be rigged for rotation takes a certain kind of brilliance. Thankfully we had it in the shape of Mikey Hollywood (designer) and Ben Fordesman (DOP)... BIG UP!!

"As our commissioner described it to Ella: 'essentially it's like performing in a giant tumble dryer – while it's turning...'

"Ella was like: 'cool' and then totally nailed every take. To be honest I think she got her head around it quicker than I did!”


Henry Scholfield
Production Company
CaviarCaviar website
Sonya Sier
Executive Producer
Katie Dolan
Executive Producer
Louise Gagen
Executive Producer
Sorcha Shepherd
Director of Photography
Ben Fordesman
Production designer
Mikey Hollywood
Virgin EMI
James Hackett

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